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Many herbs are known to be helpful during pregnancy and after delivery. Some are also good for the baby, such as calendula cream for diaper rash and fennel for colic.

Taken for Vitamins & Minerals. Do not use seeds.
Rasberry Leaf Used to tone the uterus
Chamomile: infusion 1 cup before rising
Ginger: tincture up to 1ml/day, 2-3 drops at a time
Peppermint: tincture 2 ml in hot water x 3 daily
Black Horehound: tincture 2 ml in hot water x 3 daily
Taken for morning sickness
Milk Thistle:
After delivery, these herbs can be used to promote milk production
Sage: Used to reduce milk production when weaning
Fennel: For baby's colic
Cabbage Leaves:
Bruise and apply externally for pain relief due to the mastitis
Caraway: As a tincture or infusion, can help ease labor pains and stimulate the flow of breast milk.