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Private Label Tea

Since our foundation in 2000, Family pharmacia has been supplying private label teas to retailers and wholesalers around the globe. we can offer our private label herbal and fruit teas at competitive prices and with a guarantee of quality, because :

  • we have extentive knowledge of both the European & middle eastern tea markets.
  • we possess many years of accumulated experience in the tea business .
  • we produce our herbal teas in their countries of origin .

Family pharmacia supplies flavored black tea,green tea, and fruit and herbal teas in tea bags ranging from 1.0g to 3.0g, and in single chamber, double chamber, or silk-like pyramid varieties. tea bags can be packaged with or without envelopes in boxes of 10 to 100 pieces. our teas can be fair trade-certified or organic-certified, or both. family pharmacia is an iso 22000-and ohsas 18001-certified company .

Family Pharmacia Production Capacilty

QUESTION:Has the below referenced expansion plans been completed? If so, de the capacity figures need to be updated to reflect this? if not, when will the expansion plans be finalized or has it been suspended?

Our current daily capacity isa 770,000 enveloped tea bags, working in two shifts. without added new machinery,our daily capacity could be increased to 1,150,000 enveloped tea bags, working in three shifts .

we are  Currently implementing expansion plans for our production,preparation,processing, and warehousing areas and machinery,which will double our production capacity. Implementation isa expected to be completed by the end of 2013 .